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And Then There Were None


“And then there were none”.   I heard this at a funeral once when the last of a family had passed from this life and the in-laws and friends laid the remains to rest.   It makes one reflect how that all things come to an end. Seasons end, years pass, families cease, and institutions close. In short, things change.   But not all things cease.  

There are those who have questioned if the true church will continue to exist until the Lord returns or if when the church no longer exists, will that be when Christ will come back? We know that no one knows when the Lord will return, but in looking at many of the congregations that bear the name church of Christ today there is cause to wonder how small the number of those that are faithful will be when He does return.

In many places the church is failing in its mission and it makes one wonder if the church will continue as God set it up and intended it to be. Try going to a strange town and showing up for worship or Bible Study at any place in town that wears the name “church of Christ.”   You quite possibly could be very surprised.  

The truth is that the church will indeed be in existence when the Lord returns. In 1 Thessalonians 4:17 we are told “we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air:”             However, the number of places where one can attend without having to worry that the teaching is compromised in some way is quickly dwindling.   Gone are the days in which the sign in the yard was a good indicator of the teaching inside.     This is not entirely new.

In the early 80’s my Father-in-law penned the words below as he recognized this growing problem.

How can they preach if they’re not sent?

How can the church be so content?

The voice of truth is seldom heard,

There’s such a famine in the word.

Where are the men we use to know,

Who preached it straight not long ago?

Should it be preached because it’s true,

Or just to please some in the pew?

As goes the world, so goes the church,

We need to carefully make a search,

For faithful saints with anchor cast,

Who will guide the ship to shore at last?

Will you stand, and demand,

Nothing more or less than God’s own plan?

Don’t fear men, try again,

God will use you if you’ll let Him.

When the Lord returns to gather His saints that are alive at His coming, it will only be the faithful that will spend eternity with Him.       This is where you can make a difference.   Make sure your anchor is secure in the Word of God and that you are doing what God has directed.  

And then there were none, can never be said of the Lord’s church as it will exist forever.   It will exist here on earth until the Lord comes and then in heaven for eternity. “1 John 2:17”
Dennis Strickland

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