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     Memorials, worthy of remembering, demand a certain reverence and profound respect. The words “remember”, “remembrance”, “memory”, “memorials”, are closely related and their meanings often overlap, but each has a “hot-line” to the prestigious past and the “Hall of Memory,” that repository of our dearest treasures, laid up in the enamored archives of a sacred antiquity.

     Some “memorials” are “established” memorials, that is, they appear in the pages of both profane and inspired history. They are “marked” on the calendar of Time and are remembered nationally, internationally, legally and scripturally, and no red-blooded, American patriot would dare despoil their sanctity either by the slightest gesture of silent, or expressed irreverence.   Such disgrace is intolerant to the individual whose personal pride and each heartbeat concurs, with the raising of Old Glory and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, and each Christian, on the first day of every week, as he bows in prayer and thanksgiving to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in remembrance of His only Son, who freely died that all men might live.   Thank God for memorials with such inestimable values to which we have become “rightful” heirs.

     We know that this great nation of ours did not come about through perchance or accident, and, that human intellect and nature are so designed that tangible memorials are indispensable to the practice and preservation of the Causes they represent, nevertheless, July the fourth is never observed by thousands of otherwise loyal Americans who consider it “just another day”, or a “day off from the job”, and many who celebrate the fourth, do so with a “fifth”.   Our “founding fathers” kept it on their knees in prayer and thanksgiving to God for His Providential support and leadership.   The Declaration of Independence is an unquestioned master-piece, which gave to this “nation under God”, a government of Democracy, the epitome of fairness and freedom to all of its citizens, because brave, and committed men gave their very blood to make it all possible.   If we would “remember” the price that has always been paid for freedom, and keep these “memorials” properly, it would strengthen us, eliminate the “Leftists”, and those “on the fence” would take a decisive stand for the right. Thank God for such a day of memory.  

                                    O. D. Wilson – deceased

   The above “excerpt” is from a booklet printed by my Father-in-Law, around 1973.    I think it is suited to the time in which we now live as well as the present “holiday” weekend.   Mentioned in the article, is the most important memorial God ever gave man – the Lord’s Supper.  It should be to a Christian, an honor and a privilege, to remember the Lord as we gather around the table to keep the commandment on the first day of the week.   This also gives the Christian the chance to keep the request made by our Lord, “This Do In Remembrance Of Me”.  

    Memorials are important reminders for many aspects of life. Man has made or

created many things by which to remember.   God has also given us memorials so we aren’t likely to forget.   He also provided that man be reminded weekly by use of words. This is to be done in preaching. If done properly, folks will be reminded of all that God would have us know. 1Timothy 4:6 is where Paul was directed to tell Timothy how to be a good minister.   If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained.   

     Let’s not forget the Memorial God gave us to Remember His Son, and the death suffered on the cruel cross of Calvary.   As we partake of the bread and the fruit of the vine -every Lord’s Day – Remember – and take it reverently. That is why this “feast” was given.

                             Dennis Strickland -- Mooresville church of Christ

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