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    In a recent article, we examined “if”.    We contemplated those things wherein we have choice.   There has always been some ambiguity regarding the many things that might have been or could be. But there is absolutely no doubt at all about those things which God’s Word assures us will be. So, we all need to look at “when”.

   As we navigate this life, we have all come to a realization of the difference between if and when. We likely take notice of this because of the inevitable things that are associated with life itself.   There are only a limited number of things that are guaranteed to occur. Two of these, if we enter life, are death, and the judgment.   Over one of these, we have no control as we are all going to die as Heb. 9:27 clearly shows. This verse also shows that at the conclusion of all life, judgment occurs.  

   While we have no power over death, each person has some control of the outcome of the judgment.   That is, while in this life, we can live so that our eternity is announced in a way which will be very pleasing to us. This idea, conveyed to the Christians in 2Cor. 5:10, shows that judgment will be in accordance with their lives, whether “good or bad”. Rom. 14:10 shows that “all brethren” shall “stand before the judgment seat of Christ”.  

     It is equally important that we understand that man can and will “fall” as we live our lives. This applies physically as well as spiritually.   We shall all fall physically as death is certain and unavoidable. We all fall from a spiritual standpoint as Rom. 3:23 affirms, because all sin.   We have physical enemies in that our health diminishes as we age, and disease occurs.   We cannot win that battle. We are all going to die. We have spiritual adversaries, of whom the devil is the leader.   But we needn’t lose that battle. That enemy will one day be destroyed as the Spirit had Paul write in 2Cor. 15:26. When all have died, or the Lord returns, the obedient and faithful are rewarded.

     Perhaps this is the idea that prompted my wife’s dad to pen the poem I have inserted below. He wrote this in 1981, just a few short years after his wife, a faithful servant of God, and Linda’s mother, had passed from this life after a terrible automobile accident.   She, and all who are obedient and faithful to God’s Holy Word have “gone to be”.

Gone To Be

Gone to be re-united, with loved ones over there,

In the Paradise of God, in that good land, somewhere.

Some have waited there, for many, many years,

Others, just a little while, we’ve scarcely dried our tears!

Gone to be on vacation, that shall never, never end.

Ten million years will be a moment, and “time” cannot begin.

They’ll need no map to tour the city, there’ll be a personal guide,

With nail-scars on His hands, His brow, His feet, the One they crucified.

Gone to be the recipient of a robe, a harp, and a crown,

To bask in the sunlight of God’s Love, having laid the old cross down.

No problems to solve, nor a pain to bear, not a burden of any kind.

Such things won’t enter Heaven; they’ll all be left behind.

Gone to be a musician, and singing a brand-new song,

With the ransomed of all the ages, throughout Eternity long.

With blood-washed robes in the blood of the Lamb, victors over sin,

A song God’s angels can’t sing, since they weren’t born again!

Gone to be in waiting, until the trumpet sounds,

Await a “glorified” body, not the old one in the ground!

Join in that wonderful meeting, with loved ones in the air,

I’m getting “packed” and ready, because I plan to be there!

O. D. Wilson – deceased

   While we await the final “whens” of our existence (death & judgment) and as we deal with the ones that take place in this life (stumbles & falling in sin), we must take heed to make the proper preparation.   Are you ready for death? If you’ve not obeyed the gospel, you’re not.   2Thess. 1:8-9 reminds us that God will take vengeance in flaming fire “on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ” and they will be “punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power;”.

    If, you have once obeyed the gospel, and when you fell, haven’t gotten up (repented and asked God’s forgiveness in prayer), then you are not ready for death or the judgment. Just as Simon in Acts 8:21, your “heart is not right in the sight of God.” This is why it is so important to get ready now.  

   We shall all be “gone to be” at some point. The question is: Where will we go? That must be determined now.   Remember Psa. 119:109 - My soul is continually in my hand: yet do I not forget thy law. Prepare for when – Now!

Dennis Strickland – Mooresville church of Christ

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